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I make this note while still a beginner: Rosegarden would need a
terminology overhaul in order not to trip up new users completely.

"Import MIDI" really means: "New session based on MIDI file". It scraps
whatever you did before importing, warning that "File has not been
saved". "File"? It's the session that's not saved. Rosegarden needs to
be consistent
I strongly disagree.
I am not the OP, but you confused at least me.  I think you (strongly) agree
that "Import MIDI" is a bad name, you don't like the proposed new name, but I
had to do a lot of "gratuitous" reading to figure that out.

Yeah, I had to really parse through that too.  I think that "import MIDI" is fine, because "to import" means to bring in from somewhere else, and it also implies that it's going to import it into what you are currently working on, rather than delete it or close your current project.  Almost any other wording would, to me, imply that the current session would be closed or deleted.

As for the wording of "session" vs "file," there are plenty of programs that open "documents," "databases," "songs," or whatever.

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