On August 8, 2019 4:10:20 PM HST, Ted Felix <t...@tedfelix.com> wrote:
>On 8/1/19 7:28 PM, krsg...@trixtar.org wrote:
>> When I launch the mixer with no file loaded into RG the channels or
>tracks are numbered but these number are very tiny (almost unreadable),
>   The size is set in the code in AudioStrip.cpp, line 72.  Right now 
>it's 6 point, and that's pretty tiny alright.
>> and they vanish altogether as soon as a file gets loaded
>   The .rg file?  That sounds like something is odd in the file.
>   What's being displayed is the name of the Instrument which you can 
>set by selecting the track in the main window and then pressing the 
>microscopic button to the left of the name in the "Instrument 
>Parameters" box.  If you just want the numbers, 1-16, you can put those
>in there.  Though that might look strange in other parts of the UI. 
>Maybe A1, A2, etc....
>> Is this a bug, is it known, any fixes?
>   This is working as designed for the most part.
> I suspect that we should probably go ahead and make the audio mixer a 
>bit bigger to fill some sort of standard minimum monitor size.  Then we
>should be able to go with a slightly large point size for all the

I'm planning to move to a 4K laptop. Would it be possible to use SVG 
fonts/graphics for layout? Or some way to set large font sizes? This whole 
antique "specify sizes in pixels" thing is getting pretty tedious, even on my 
present HD (1920x1080) setup.

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