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>On 8/8/19 10:34 PM, David W. Jones wrote:
>> I'm planning to move to a 4K laptop. Would it be possible to use SVG 
>> fonts/graphics for layout? Or some way to set large font sizes? This whole 
>> antique "specify sizes in pixels" thing is getting pretty tedious, even on 
>> my present HD (1920x1080) setup.  
>Rosegarden dates to a time when requiring a 1024x768 screen was a 
>controversial move.  Getting as much out of possible out of minimal 
>screen real estate used to be the name of the game.
>I haven't put any thought into fonts yet.  The way Rosegarden uses fonts 
>is pretty touchy and weird and full of legacy quirks, and getting it to 
>behave well with vector fonts will not be simple.
>What I have been thinking about is the icons.  The horrible irony is 
>that when I spent some insane number of hours remaking all the icons a 
>few years ago, most of them were in a vector format before I committed 
>them as raster images.  The problem we used to have was half pixeling. 
>This is hugely obvious on note stems, which want to be one straight 
>line.  If we stored the icons as SVG and left it up to Qt to rasterize 
>them, they looked awful.  That's why I manually diddled thousands upon 
>thousands of pixels.
>In the age of 4K, now we're looking at an entirely different set of 
>problems.  I don't have a 4K monitor yet, but I do have a 4K TV, and the 
>writing is on the wall.  This is going to be one of those things where 
>if we don't fix it, Rosegarden is going to fade into history.  I 
>understand there are workarounds right now, but they probably look like 
>I am thinking about this problem with the intent to roll my sleeves back 
>up and do some work on this in the relatively near future.  I haven't 
>actually conducted any experiments yet, but I aim to do that sooner, 
>rather than later.  I figured I would start by doing a new set of SVG 
>icons, and making sure they look decent on my standard 1920x1080 display.
>I should get thinking about fonts too.  Everything should scale nicely. 
>The technology to do this is there, and we simply don't make use of it yet.

Welcome back - you never really went away did you? :)
Oh, and I feel your pain!

Will J Godfrey
Say you have a poem and I have a tune.
Exchange them and we can both have a poem, a tune, and a song.

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