On 1/21/23 4:09 AM, Ted Felix wrote:
  I've been working with Mike Knott on post-processing MIDI from a guitar controller into notation.  I've created a page on the wiki documenting the process:


From the wiki page:

> The Event Filter dialog's “Include All” button doesn't. It needs
> to set lowest duration to “shortest” and all the dropdowns
> to “include”.

I thought I'd fixed that in my branch's [b8d3cb], which in turn was merged into master as Merge Request #66. Is it still not working?

Wait ... I see. The commit fixed the bug which had lowest and highest reversed (among other things), but "Include all" doesn't reset the three "Include/Exclude" buttons to "Include". That should be an easy change.

Only vaguely related: Has there ever been any interest in adding a guitar tablature editor to Rosegarden? It wouldn't be a simple task as it would require A.I. and/or metadata saved in the .rg file to specify what string and fret to use for each note out of the multiple possible same-pitch choices (e.g. the same A is on fret 2 of the G string and fret 7 of the D string) so that chords and melodies are "fingerable". As I no longer (pathetically attempt to) play guitar I'm not likely to take it on as a project, but it would be a very nice addition to Rosegarden if someone else would contribute it.

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