On 1/21/23 1:54 PM, mark_at_yahoo via Rosegarden-user wrote:
I thought I'd fixed that in my branch's [b8d3cb], which in turn was merged into master as Merge Request #66. Is it still not working?

I vaguely recalled recent work on that, but couldn't place it. I was going to dig and figure it out.

Wait ... I see. The commit fixed the bug which had lowest and highest reversed (among other things), but "Include all" doesn't reset the three "Include/Exclude" buttons to "Include". That should be an easy change.

I think the durations also don't select "shortest" to "longest". One of those ends up being a value instead. That needs to be fixed as well.

If you have time to make this change against master, I'd appreciate it. Then I can merge it right away. Thanks.


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