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Only vaguely related: Has there ever been any interest in adding a guitar tablature editor to Rosegarden?

On 1/21/23 11:03 PM, david wrote:
I think adding it to RG while maintaining the ability to also display/edit it *as a score* would be really tough.

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I'm envisioning it as a new/separate tablature editor window, like the matrix and event editors vs notation.

On second thought, although I still like the tablature editor idea, a better design might be to integrate tablature directly into the notation editor. Each normal standard notation staff could have an optional tablature staff directly above (or below) it. Likewise, if the user was only interested in tablature, the standard staff could be disabled/hidden.

I've only played with Musescore very casually/briefly (and only version 3, not the radically revamped new version 4 which doesn't run on my current system) and it has this capability. Sort of. Tablature staves can be created and positioned at will but they're completely disconnected from any standard notation staff -- notes entered in tablature don't appear in standard and vice-versa (the latter being the previously mentioned A.I. problem). Maybe there's a way to link them but if so it wasn't obvious to me.

MuseScore instructions on doing tablature:


I think when I did it, I changed an existing staff to tablature, since my goal was to convert an existing score into tab. That turned the staff into tablature, replacing the score, and I wasn't editing anything in MuseScore. I think if you create your score/tab using the New Score Wizard, maybe MuseScore links them?

In any case, there's no reason why Rosegarden couldn't have something like this, done correctly with live linking between the staves. Well, no reason except for the need to find someone with the ability to implement it and the willingness to volunteer a few hundred hours of software development effort to do so. ;)  And then even more to review, validate, test, integrate, and accept it into the Rosegarden codebase.

Any volunteers? ;)

That's always the problem!

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