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> Hi,
> On 16/05/2023 01:30, krsg...@trixtar.org wrote:
> > 
> > Hello,
> > 
> > I have two tracks with drum segments on each that I assign
> > to the Hydrogen drum synth. Problem is that the sound output
> > is not Hydrogen but Grand Piano form the GM synth, just
> > yesterday this changed to BOTH the grand AND the drum kit
> > sounds seemingly depending on the staff note.
>  From what you describe it seems your two tracks are connected via ALSA 
> MIDI to both Hydrogen _and_ some General Midi Synth.

I can't put a finger on it, it seems LIKE after some 
playbacks qSynth is hogging partly or completely the 
midi output channel assigned to Hydrogen.

INITIALLY starting with just qjackctl, hydrogen 
and rosegarden.  no problem

Start with qjackctl, hydrogen, yoshimi and 
rosegarden. no problem

Start with just qjackctl, qSynth and rosegarden.
all drum tracks output General-Midi grand-piano 

Start with qjackctl, hydrogen, qSynth and rosegarden.
all drum tracks output grand-piano sound except if
qsynth is NOT given an output channel 

After another while it no longer matters if qSynth 
is or is not paired to an output channel, when this 
stage is reached closing qSyth is the only out.

> I'm assuming you are connecting to Hydrogen and the 'GM synth' 
> externally e.g. via QSynth? (i.e. not using DSSI within Rosegarden)

I use the ZynAddSubFX (ZASF) dssi. I 'think' that my use of
Hydrogen and qSynth and Yoshimi would be called 'external'.
I have hsit for brains when it comes to such jargon. 

I start qSynth because without it I get no GM sounds.  

Here's a typical setup, I tried to show as much as possible 
in one snapshot.


If my setup sucks I'd appreciate a step-by-step 
alternative. I usually use GM and ZASF-dssi sounds
after also having used 'external' ZynAddSubFX. I 
gave up the standalone Zyn because the dssi gives
the same sounds with ease of use since they are 
shown in the volume mixer. I'd love to see a 
Yoshimi-dssi but understand that one isn't coming.  

I'm not really 'using' Yoshimi yet, just getting warmed 
up to it with a view to having IT replace the Zyn dssi 
which is a total fubar (numbers are changing with every 
version change).

> Unfortunately the MIDI device manager (Studio > Manage MIDI Devices) 
> doesn't seem to report if a 'Playback' Rosegarden MIDI device is 
> connected to multiple ALSA inputs.
> However you could check this with something like QJackCtl via its 
> connections tab (or graph in most recent versions is the default).
> Here is a screenshot of how the connections could look like in a 
> situation which could be similar to what you describe, where Rosegarden 
> would be sending MIDI to both Fluidsynth with a general midi soundfont 
> and Hydrogen together, thus you hearing both sounds:
> https://gcdnb.pbrd.co/images/a9PBRwnxWq1L.png?o=1

I ususally leave qJackctl do the auto connections, as
shown in the snapshot.

> > Is there a rosegarden 'upload' facility where I could
> > upload the *.rg file consisting of just these 2 tracks?
> Not that I know of, but I think some file sharing and pasting the link 
> here would be OK.
> Still the RG file itself might not be helpful in understanding your 
> issue because it most probably depends on what Rosegarden's MIDI 
> 'output' is connecting to on your system (see above)

True, I'm starting to see that now, I was tryiong 
to erase the segment contents in vain until blue in 
the face!

> > I've had issues before with notes not ending/closing,
> > is there a way to start a new track but paste the entire
> > staff and NOTHING but the staff notes to it?
> This seems unrelated to the 'synth problem' you describe? Could you 
> provide a bit more detail maybe?

I reported it way back when. A segment might 
just like hang on the last note played which 
then continues as one of infinite duration.
If you have many tracks going you might not 
even notice until you silence all tracks except
that one. It doesn't happen as much as it used 
to but I ran into it again a few weeks back. 
I think it could be related because if I remember
correctly it was usually the wrong instrument 
on top of it. Problem is that at 79 my memory,
still razor sharp, is no longer wider than the 
blade edge :-(


> Anyway from what I understand you have two options:
> 1.
> To do what you describe I usually just copy / paste the segments 
> (possibly all of them) from a track to the new one. Or, even better, 
> clone them by doing CTRL + mouse-drag.
> If you really want to make sure to get rid of anything but notes (and 
> maybe musical elements like clefs) you can open the segment in the list 
> editor. Select everything in the left-side filter except 'Notes' and 
> 'Other'. Do CTRL + A (i.e. select all), and then 'DEL' (delete everything).
> 2.
> Actually when copy/pasting stuff this also works:
> - Select all notes in the notation or matrix editor. Copy (e.g. CTRL + C)
> - Now go to the main window (segment / track view).
> - Select the desired target track
> - Paste
> In this case AFAIK only notes are pasted (e.g. I'm quite sure Control 
> changes are not...)
> If you do it like this, do be careful of where the playhead is because 
> this is where the first note will be pasted and if that not is _not_ at 
> the start of the segment you will most probably have a mis-aligned 
> segment ;-) - YMMV

Good to know, thanks

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