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> I will say I use Yoshimi (stand-alone) a _lot_ and always control instrument 
> parameters from Yoshimi directly. If this is interesting I can go more into 
> the set-up maybe in another thread.

YES! Please. I am considering replacing my 61-key basic Yamaha PSR series 
keyboard with an 88-key MIDI controller driving Yoshimi, QSynth, and Aeolus and 
other softsynths.

> As an aside, because both Rosegarden _and_ Yoshimi will have upcoming 
> releases quite soon I was thinking of maybe doing a quick 'how-to' video on 
> 'quick piece prototyping with Rosegarden and Yoshimi'... If it is interesting 
> for people :-)

Yes, please!

David W. Jones
exploring the landscape of god

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