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> Hi,
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> > Lorenzo Sutton <> :

> >
> One thing I noticed from your screenshot is that in the QjackCtl 
> Connection window you are showing the 'Audio' tab, while what I was 
> showing is the 'ALSA' tab which are ALSA Midi connections...
> > If my setup sucks I'd appreciate a step-by-step
> > alternative. 
> Personally I'd say it's definitely a valid set-up. Now-a-days I tend not 
> to use DSSIs any more and use what I referred to as 'external' meaning 
> also software running outside of rosegarden (like Yoshimi or FluidSynth 
> or even Carla, etc.). There are pros and cons to both set-ups and this 
> is general to any sequencer / DAW IMHO.
> What I like about the more modular set-up is that I can e.g. do quick 
> musical 'sketches' by just firing the FluidSynth General Midi soundfont 
> or Yoshimi and connecting to those, then 'refine' the sound addding 
> other synths etc.
> But again it really depends on one's personal 'creative flow' :-)

All "I" do with rosegarden is make myself some backing tracks
which I want to sound just right so it's hours and hours of 
tweaking for the sounds AND the relative volumes. This last 
bit is where RG's internal mixer is a godsend with sliding
controls ready for a reference screenshot etc. 


> I will say I use Yoshimi (stand-alone) a _lot_ and always control 
> instrument parameters from Yoshimi directly. If this is interesting I 
> can go more into the set-up maybe in another thread.
> As an aside, because both Rosegarden _and_ Yoshimi will have upcoming 
> releases quite soon I was thinking of maybe doing a quick 'how-to' video 
> on 'quick piece prototyping with Rosegarden and Yoshimi'... If it is 
> interesting for people :-)

Yess, yess, yess, PLEASE.

I am intending to get familiar with Yoshimi, if only 
because I've heard that a lot of work has gone into 
it and the sounds are great.

> >> Unfortunately the MIDI device manager (Studio > Manage MIDI Devices)
> >> doesn't seem to report if a 'Playback' Rosegarden MIDI device is
> >> connected to multiple ALSA inputs.
> >>
> >> However you could check this with something like QJackCtl via its
> >> connections tab (or graph in most recent versions is the default).
> >>
> >> Here is a screenshot of how the connections could look like in a
> >> situation which could be similar to what you describe, where Rosegarden
> >> would be sending MIDI to both Fluidsynth with a general midi soundfont
> >> and Hydrogen together, thus you hearing both sounds:
> >>
> >>
> > 
> > I ususally leave qJackctl do the auto connections, as
> > shown in the snapshot.
> I'm wondering if in your case there's some levels of 'auto' connections 
> / wizardry going on which essentially ends up connecting the output 
> meant for Hydrogen to QSynth as well?
> I _think_ Rosegarden tries to re-connect stuff when you load a saved 
> file and that has messed up my connections a few times.
> Typically I've found out that the best approach is to start Rosegarden 
> *first*, load the file and _then_ load external synths like QSynth, 
> Yoshimi etc.

I've been doing it the other way around: qjackctl, qsynth, 
hydrogen, maybe Zynn or Yoshimi, and last RG probably 
because of the auto connections! 

> > I reported it way back when. A segment might
> > just like hang on the last note played which
> > then continues as one of infinite duration.
> I'm not sure what this could be. A shot in the dark: is that last note 
> at the very very end of the piece? In that case adding a 'blank' measure 
> might help?

NO, last time I ran into it it was mid way, the track just
hung on the last note played. Pretty sure it's related.

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