@pmatilai commented on this pull request.

> +         rpmlog(RPMLOG_DEBUG, "fsverity not supported by file system for 
> %s\n",
+                  path);
+           break;
+       case EOPNOTSUPP:
+           rpmlog(RPMLOG_DEBUG, "fsverity not enabled on file system for %s\n",
+                  path);
+           break;
+       case ETXTBSY:
+           rpmlog(RPMLOG_DEBUG, "file is open by other process %s\n",
+                  path);
+           break;
+       default:
+           rpmlog(RPMLOG_DEBUG, "failed to enable verity (errno %i) for %s\n",
+                  errno, path);
+           break;
+       }

AFAICT these failures should result in RPMRC_FAIL return code as the plugin 
failed to accomplish its task, accompanied by an actual error message. I'd 
suggest something like this to replace the big switch:
if (ioctl() ... != 0) {
    rpmlog(RPMLOG_ERR, _("enabling verity failed: %s %s\n", path), 
    rc = RPMRC_FAIL;

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