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Thank you a lot! I added --exclude='.gvfs' parameter and everything works now.
Thumbs up!

I was trying to use --delete-before because of low space on the partition. Now
it's really enough space and I use default --delete option.

> Also, if you are making backups you should really look into rsync --link-dest 
> or an rsync based backup system if you don't feel like scripting it.
Hmm, what --link-dest stands for? Is it somehow related to hard-links on the
same filesystem? I usually try to exclude hardlinks like --exclude='/home/ftp/'
wich usually works for me.

--link-dest=DIR         hardlink to files in DIR when unchanged
I don't understand what that option is doing.
I use rsync for easy backups of the system partition from the primary disk to a
backup one 2 times a week. It's very useful when I delete smth by accident like
one time I did "crontab -r" instead of "crontab -e". ) And in case 1st system
drive fails I change SATA interface immediately and start OS from the backup
one. Rsync based backup system? I've seen some of those. They usually don't do
what I need (like they backup to files, snapshots with dates in them instead of
simple backup to another disk wich consumes too much space and you'll have to
use liveDVD to start from such snapshot wich is time-consuming) or too
overburdened with options, configs etc. My scripts is very simple and does
exactly what I need.

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