--- Comment #3 from Kevin Korb <> ---
What you have is a mirror not a backup system.  Sure, it can protect you from
accidental deletions or disk failures but it wouldn't protect you from
intentional data destruction (think virus or hacker).

Yes, I was referring to date+time based "snapshots".  That is what rsync with
--link-dest and some scripting can do and that is what most of the rsync based
backup systems use.

I prefer to have many backups in a system.  That way I can restore data from
the past if I need to (which I have).  It is pretty trivial to boot from
something like SystemRescueCD and restore your whole system from such a backup.
 In fact, if your backups are on a different system and you setup a network
boot environment you can boot from the backup over the network.  I did that
once when my desktop became unstable and I was trying to figure out if it was a
hardware problem or if it was caused by recent updates.  When I could duplicate
a several day old problem on your computer with the software it was running a
month ago I knew it was the hardware that was bad.  Turned out there was a
leaking capacitor behind the heatsink on the video card.

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