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Check what APP-NAME, PROCID and MSGID contain, which are derived from the tag.

RFC5424 tells you where these parts are to be placed in the header.

It appears that this lack of a colon is confusing pflogsumm when the daily cron job calls this script to generate a daily report of the mail activity
recorded on our central rsyslog instance.

that would indicated that pflogsumm does not properly handle RFC5424 message.


Thank you for your feedback, I appreciate you taking the time to respond.

When I enable debug logging I see that the colon is nowhere to be seen in 'programname' or 'APP-NAME' when in any of the forwarding formats (which I understand to be the norm), but is present in the syslogtag property for Traditional and Forward formats, not present for the Protocol23 forwarding format.

# RSYSLOG_TraditionalForwardFormat:
syslogtag 'postfix/qmgr[29132]:', programname: 'postfix/qmgr', APP-NAME: 'postfix/qmgr', PROCID: '29132', MSGID: '-',

# RSYSLOG_ForwardFormat:
syslogtag 'postfix/qmgr[29132]:', programname: 'postfix/qmgr', APP-NAME: 'postfix/qmgr', PROCID: '29132', MSGID: '-',

# RSYSLOG_SyslogProtocol23Format:
syslogtag 'postfix/qmgr[29132]', programname: 'postfix/qmgr', APP-NAME: 'postfix/qmgr', PROCID: '29132', MSGID: '-',

When rsyslog saves a stream of Protocol23 formatted messages to disk, I assumed that the RSYSLOG_FileFormat template would source the syslogtag property and save that entire value to disk as-is. Does something else happen instead?

If I can provide further information, please let me know.

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