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> But I would be tempted to use a „clean“ Perl installed somewhere else
> as the basis for RT even in the case of FreeBSD (which I know best,
> admittedly).

See https://docs.bestpractical.com/rt_perl

> How difficult would it be for BestPractical to tar up such a custom
> perl install done in e.g. /opt/rt/perl, together with all the
> dependencies and throw in a „complete“ install of RT+RTIR with
> FastCGI-support?

The problem is in the binary libraries that RT (and its CPAN
dependencies) use.  Any such deploy would be specific to one particular
release of a particular distribution, and as such would be quite
resource-heavy to produce in sufficient variety to be useful.
Shipwright is a BPS tool that builds relocatable installs of
software that package everything above glibc, but that doesn't quite
solve the right problem.

We've begun pondering building Docker vessels for RT, but the database
dependency complicates matters.

> While historically, the mod_perl installation is the
> most common one

These days, we suggest fastcgi over mod_perl, even for Apache.

> the FastCGI installation can work with nginx, which
> faster and also decouples the web server from the installed version
> of Perl (I don’t know if you can have and RT-installation and
> mod_perl compiled against different versions of perl for example).

You generally cannot.  This is one reason we prefer fastcgi deployments.
 - Alex

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