Well, I think what you wanted to do was feasible by creating a RT user with the Team inbox or the mailing list address as the contact address of the user. Next, you add the user as an AdminCc of the wanted queue. By default Rt has global scrips that send email to AdminCc users when an action is done on a queue (create, comment, answer, move, close a ticket).

Be sure to use a different address or domain name for RT's administrative adresses (addresses used by the queues, or else) and set the regexp accordingly.

I don't if that I said was clear enough,


Loic Cadoret
IT Technician

Le 27/05/2015 15:51, ripa...@gmail.com a écrit :
I tried adding  the following with no luck to the RT_SiteConfig.pm

Set($RTAddressRegexp , 'richard\@newemail\.com)$');
Set($SendmailArguments, "-oi -t -f rich...@newemail.com <mailto:rich...@newemail.com>");

Obviously I am doing something wrong.

Perhaps I did not explain the issue well:

Just for explaining: rich...@oldemail.com <mailto:rich...@oldemail.com> is a Team inbox. rich...@newemail.com <mailto:rich...@newemail.com> is a Distribution list. Originally we wanted to use the Team Inbox address, anything created via email, the Inbox will receive a copy. We noticed that the emails are not getting send to our Inbox. When trying to add the Inbox as AdminCC in Watchers, we received the mail loop error. So we need to change the RT Internal address to rich...@newemail.com <mailto:rich...@newemail.com> so we can use rich...@oldemail.com <mailto:rich...@oldemail.com> as AdminCC.

The RT Internal email address is configured with rich...@oldemail.com <mailto:rich...@oldemail.com>. I cannot use the rich...@oldemail.com <mailto:rich...@oldemail.com> anymore. I need to change it to rich...@newemail.com <mailto:rich...@newemail.com>.

I have verified that all references to rich...@oldemail.com <mailto:rich...@oldemail.com> has been updated etc, but i still receive an error of a mail loop (when testing rich...@oldemail.com <mailto:rich...@oldemail.com>) as AdminCC.

Thanks in advanced.


On Tue, May 26, 2015 at 7:01 PM, <ripa...@gmail.com <mailto:ripa...@gmail.com>> wrote:

    Hi everyone:
    sorry for the late reply.

    The email I need to change is the email rt works with. For example
    I want to use rich...@test.com <mailto:rich...@test.com> as Admin
    cc, it states it will create a mail loop. There is no other user,
    with that email.
    I have tried changing the RT_SiteConfig.pm, searching the
    database, etc. No luck
    Thanks in advanced.

    On Tue, May 19, 2015 at 7:59 AM, Loïc Cadoret <lcado...@keyyo.com
    <mailto:lcado...@keyyo.com>> wrote:

        Well by reading again the thread, I realize that i've
        misunderstood your answer, my appologies for that, english is
        not my native language, there is no confusion, thanks for the
        advice, it is helpfull.


        Loic Cadoret
        IT Technician

        Le 18/05/2015 17:09, Jaime Kikpole a écrit :

            On Mon, May 18, 2015 at 7:15 AM, Loïc Cadoret
            <lcado...@keyyo.com <mailto:lcado...@keyyo.com>> wrote:

                Yes RT_SiteConfig.pm sorry, it was what wanted to say ;)

            It IS what you said.  Its just that what I wrote refers to
            both files,
            so I wanted to be clear about which one to edit
            (RT_SiteConfig.pm) vs.
            use as reference (RT_Config.pm).  Sorry about any
            confusion I may have

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