Joop wrote:
>On 22-3-2016 18:56, Jeffrey Pilant wrote:
>> I am a novice at RT.  I was given an instance of RT 3.8.4 to upgrade a
>> while ago.
>> I upgraded it into RT 4.2.10.  Seemed to be OK.  At least it ran.
>> Today, months later, I was informed the tickets are not displaying the
>> custom fields that used to be there.
>> I have confirmed that the field definitions appear to have been copied
>> over.
>> However, the fields are not showing in the display.
>> Can someone post stuff for me to check?
>Use the Admin part to check if those CF are still 'applied to' your queues.
>Another thing: it could be rights related
>> I suspect it is something as simple as adding the field to the list of
>> things to show on the display page.
>> However, I don't know how to do that.
>Its possible some custom code/callbacks did some wonderful things but
>without an idea how it looked like and how its looking now its hard to
>guess as to why it doesn't work.
>Do you happen to have a file backup of the RT install tree?
>That way you can try to find out if any customization has been done.

When I check for the custom fields for the queue, I see no fields listed under 
selected and no fields listed under unselected.

Just checked my user rights:
My login is a member of the admin group.  The admin group has all but:
      Modify ticket owner on owned tickets [ReassignTicket]
      *Show Articles menu [ShowArticlesMenu]
      Show global templates [ShowGlobalTemplates]
      Show history of public user properties [ShowUserHistory]
      *Allow writing Perl code in templates, scrips, etc [ExecuteCode]
      Create, modify and delete custom fields values [AdminCustomFieldValues]
The two with asterisks (*), I pick up via other groups.  So basically, I have 
every right I probably need.

Looking at the right of the custom field, it seems to have none.
I think it should have:
      View custom fields [SeeCustomField]
But when I check it and save it, nothing changes on the ticket display.

I have a local VM with the old install in working condition, so I have all the 
files and data.
Not sure where to look.


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