Greetings Stephen:

Thank you for your reply. Now I'm scratching my head, because other than admins and "privileged users", no one has "View Queue" permissions in my platform and I'm not getting any error as you described.

Hoping someone can shed some light here per this anomaly.


Stephen Switzer wrote on 11/22/2016 3:37 PM:


I think you may have misinterpreted my screenshot. "Everyone", "Privileged", "Unprivileged", "Owner", etc are all "highlighted" just to show that there are selected permissions under that group. The bold one is "Everyone", which is the current selection and what permissions are being displayed on the right in the screenshot.

It appears that "View queue" was required as Matt suggested, and I received 2-3 tickets from US-CERT after I checked this off.

Thank you for your effort and input just the same!


On 2016-11-22 1:38 pm, Reza wrote:


I faced a similar challenge when I first started to use RT. As commented by our friend, the "view queue" has nothing to do with the issue you faced.

The issue is, "/... attempted to create a ticket via email in the queue Incident Reports; you might need to grant 'Everyone' the CreateTicket right/"

... basically means the "_*Requester*_" ("Request_*o*_r"in RT) does not have permissions to create the ticket.

Under your "ROLES" per the screen shot you have sent, you are highlighted as "Owner".

Select "Request_*o*_r"under ROLES and then enable "create tickets".

The person handling the ticket or assumed ownership is called "Owner".
The person who sent the ticket for support, is **not necessarily** the "Owner".
I would also allow the requester, to "Comment on tickets".

In a nutshell, the "Owner" of the ticket is not necessarily the requester. In the practical world, the person who has sent a ticket / support request, is usually called the "Requestor"

I also see you have multiple groups assigned under your "Incident Reports" queue. The "deny" option takes precedence over "allow" option per my experience, so it is also possible that one of your groups under "User Groups", under your "Incident Reports" queue does not have permission to create tickets.

Would appreciate the members here to correct me if I'm wrong in any of the above.


Stephen Switzer wrote on 11/21/2016 8:43 PM:
I don't normally think of enabling outside users to see my queue, but I think you're right. Thank you.
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