Let me try to explain a little better how we're set up:

We have 3 departments: Service A, Service B and Service C. The model the 
departments opted for was a 'dispatch' queue for all incoming tickets, and then 
the tickets get transferred to a work queue.
Service A has 2 dispatch queues and 1 work queue.
Service B has 3 dispatches queues and 8 work queues
Service C has 1 dispatch queue and 1 work queue.

The mandate from management is they want anyone with an active account inside 
RT to be able to view any ticket in any queue. So my "Employee" group has to 
include the members of Service A B and C which is causing the problem.

What I'm trying to do is create either dashboards or stock RT At A Glance per 
user so 95% of the time they only can see the things they can "work" on.

Does that help or have I muddied it more?

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Default Dashboards?

If all your users are seeing all of your queues "you're doing it wrong" ;-)

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