I did try that, and it literally did nothing. (other than recorded the change 
in the ticket and created empty emails to requestors)

This has been very easy to re-produce and there must be some different way the 
Owner is pulled in the Queue view vs. actual ticket view. It is annoying as we 
have people pulling the queue list of tickets looking for unowned tickets which 
do not appear on the dashboard, but they do in queue view.

Even if I do a custom query for unowned tickets, they do not show up; yet in 
queue view it still shows them unowned.

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> On Feb 23, 2017, at 9:19 AM, Kenneth Marshall <k...@rice.edu> wrote:
> Hi Alex and Robert,
> What happens if you set RecordTransaction to 1/true? I have not checked the 
> code,
> but I would imagine that if you do not record the transaction, the cache 
> infrastructure
> would not invalidate the old entry and would continue to serve stale data. 
> Something
> to try perhaps.

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