On Feb 23, 2017, at 12:06 PM, Shawn M Moore <sh...@bestpractical.com> wrote:
>> # do the actual 'status update'
>> my ($status, $msg) = $self->TicketObj->_Set(Field => 'Owner', Value => 
>> $Actor, RecordTransaction => 0);
> Should instead be:
> my ($status, $msg) = $self->TicketObj->SetOwner($Actor);

That most certainly works and fixes the problem, but with one side affect was 
hoping to a avoid. When the owner is changed it sends out a notification email 
to the new owner. Obviously by design and handy in most cases. In this case 
however, the person corresponding first pretty much knows they will be set 
owner by replying first. I think the notification email back is just generating 
noise at this point. If there is an easy option in the method to address this, 
fine, if not we’ll deal with it.

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