I have seen the ideas of GSoC for rails and they are quite amazing,
lot of infrastructure work. But I am personally more interested in
working on other kind of idea for GSoC. Something that is maybe of
more direct application.
I was thinking on creating a plugin, web based games framework. A
plugin that adds value and at the same time still remains general
enough so that it can create different types of games is not trivial
at all. And if done well, a community of games creators can grow from
a functionality like that. I'd like avoid flash and use other
technologies instead, this would be a difficult problem also. I have
been thinking about this problem for some time now and I find it quite
exciting and challenging.
In all, I think this web game framework idea is very interesting and I
would very willingly apply as student for that. I would like to know
if someone would like to be mentor for this project and if you think
it is a project that benefits rails and/or the rails ecosystem enough
to get a GSoC slot this year.

I can provide further details and of course this is only a sketch of
the whole thing.

Jordi Polo
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