On Wed, Oct 30, 2019 at 1:18 PM Agus Syahputra <agus.putr...@gmail.com>

I don't know, I just want that rubyonrails.org need cool/modern new look.
> Maybe like https://reactjs.org

The website looks modern to us, an old design would something more like this

And also for the docs, maybe we have to re-structure the menus so it's
> easier to navigate the guides. Make it simpler like https://reactjs.org or git
> books.

A matter of opinion too. We have a guides selector, and a sidebar for
sections. I mean, you can always polish and iterate things, and perhaps you
personally would prefer another navigation UI, but the current layout is
fine for us.

And also for the guides, I think the guides are too many words, maybe we
> can make it shorter.

No way, we need *more* words :).

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