For the guides, now we have two menus. 

- The first one is the drop-down on the top. Which is the menu to navigate 
between pages.
- The second one is the chapters menu. Which is the menu to navigate 
between title inside a page.

We have to make those sticky, so it will be easier to navigate.
The condition now, the menu is not sticky and not working well when 
displayed on the mobile screen. Making it hard to navigate the guides.

If you can see what I mean, please see this 
(Please Try to view the doorkeeper guides on mobile)
The doorkeeper guides use gitbook and it did pretty well jobs to make the 
menu sticky and also good on mobile screen.

[image: 2019-11-04_09-02.png] [image: 2019-11-04_09-03.png] 

The first image shows the chapters (contents) menu. The second image show 
the pages menu. 

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