Thank you very much for your answer.
Pulse is indeed installed under Alsa - I thought it would make things
easier ! I'll see this weekend if the problem is solved by using Alsa
alone and making Hifiberry its default device.

It should also be doable (even easier than ALSA) by configuring pulse,
I just have not done it. It might be possible with
"pacmd set-default-sink " during runtime even.

Regarding Rygel+VLC, I did not understand that the MPRIS
specifications indeed included a list of supported mime-types, sorry :
I thought this option was only set in each media player configuration.
At least I understand the problem, now...thanks.
"G_MESSAGES_DEBUG=all rygel -g 5", only lists loaded profiles
(AC3,EAC3,LPCM,AAC_ADTS_320, MP3,...but no FLAC, obviously). It's very

That's something different, there's (or at least used to be) no offical
FLAC profile for DLNA.

long...and I think it ended before BubbleUpnp started sending anything
(there is always a 1 second lag after I launch a track, before
anything is actually played).
Should I send it to you anyhow in a .txt file ?
And would BubbleUpnp's own log be of any use ? It's very long too.
Among other things, it states :

Yes, that's also fine. It uses proper FLAC mime-type

[main (0)                    ] INFO     - 0:00:28.130    -
AbstractRenderer            : discarding unsupported mime-type:

That's the joy of UPnP without DLNA :-/
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