On Oct 15 2016, Mike Beaubien <mike.beaub...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm doing the usual workaround to get s3ql on top of acd using unionfs to 
> merge a local s3ql file system in RW mode with some additional data files 
> stored in ACD and mounted through acd_cli in RO.

I very much hope thata this is not truly a  "usual" configuration. Why
don't you use the S3 backend?

> It works well when it works, but occasionally s3ql will crash with an error 
> like:
>     buf = fh.read(9)
> OSError: [Errno 70] Communication error on send
> It's probably just some temporary error for whatever network reason. Is 
> there anyway to get s3ql to ignore and retry on these errors?

Not in practice, no. If S3QL attempts to read data from a file, and the
operating system returns an error, then this typically means that
something is seriosly wrong and needs immediate attention. Crashing is
the best course of action to make sure the problem is noticed. There is
no way for S3QL to determine that in this case the problem is caused by
an apparently buggy acd_cli. And even if there was a way, it would not
be feasible for S3QL to anticipate and handle them for all the system
calls that could possibly fail.

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