I think this is a bug.  In one Sage session:

sage: F4 = GF(4)
sage: F16 = GF(16)
sage: F4.gen() in F16
sage: F16.has_coerce_map_from(F4)

-- all is well.  But in a new session:

sage: F4 = GF(4, names='a')
sage: F16 = GF(16, names='b')
sage: F4.gen() in F16
sage: F16.has_coerce_map_from(F4)

Why should the fact that I have given non-default names to the
generators (the default names are z2 and z4) stop the coercion being
dicovered?  Worse than that, I tried to create my own coercion from F4
to F16 in the second situation and it prevented me from doing so,
saying there already was one, while at the same time telling me there
was no coercion.  Inconsistent!


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