Hello John,

> I think this is a bug.  In one Sage session:
> sage: F4 = GF(4)
> sage: F16 = GF(16)
> sage: F4.gen() in F16
> True
> sage: F16.has_coerce_map_from(F4)
> True
> -- all is well.  But in a new session:
> sage: F4 = GF(4, names='a')
> sage: F16 = GF(16, names='b')
> sage: F4.gen() in F16
> False
> sage: F16.has_coerce_map_from(F4)
> False
> Why should the fact that I have given non-default names to the
> generators (the default names are z2 and z4) stop the coercion being
> dicovered?

Creating finite fields without a variable name was implemented in
<https://trac.sagemath.org/ticket/17569>.  If you don't specify a
variable, then the field is created as a subfield of an algebraic
closure, and there are canonical inclusions between such fields.
Otherwise, the finite field does not have such a distinguished

By the way, creating finite fields without a variable name is something
that you should only do for small fields, because constructing an
algebraic closure requires computing (pseudo-)Conway polynomials.

> Worse than that, I tried to create my own coercion from F4 to F16 in
> the second situation and it prevented me from doing so, saying there
> already was one, while at the same time telling me there was no
> coercion.  Inconsistent!

Even though there is no coercion map in this situation, simply trying to
discover a coercion "taints" the target parent by registering the fact
that there is no coercion.  It does work if you don't call
has_coerce_map() first:

sage: F4 = GF(4, names='a')
sage: F16 = GF(16, names='b')
sage: f = F4.Hom(F16)[0]
sage: F16.register_coercion(f)

You can't rely on this to work, though, because it can fail if F16 was
already created in this Sage session.


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