On Thursday, October 13, 2016 at 9:59:50 PM UTC+2, David Roe wrote:
> In order to create finite fields with arbitrary variable names that fit 
> into a lattice of fields, one possibility would be able to give an 
> algebraic closure explicitly as an argument to GF.  Is that what you're 
> suggesting?
> sage: F = GF(3).algebraic_closure('custom')
> sage: K9 = GF(9,'b',Fpbar=F)
> sage: K81 = GF(81,'c',Fpbar=F)
> sage: K81.has_coerce_map_from(K9)
> True

This currently works 

sage: K9 = GF(9,'b',prefix='custom')
sage: K81 = GF(81,'c',prefix='custom')
sage: K81.has_coerce_map_from(K9)

But the following betrays my expectation..

sage: K=GF(3).algebraic_closure('custom')
sage: K81.gen() in K
sage: K.has_coerce_map_from(K81)

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