Hi Frédéric, all,


> * There remains to make a proper python3 install setup, in order to make it
> easier to debug. Currently, "make" with "SAGE_PYTHON3=yes" always rebuilds
> everything, which is *very annoying*. Happily, using only "sage -b" take
> much less time. For instance, an access to ipython3 inside a python3-build
> sage would be helpful.

I'm working on a better solution to this as part of a more general
reworking of how Sage's dist handles dependencies that can be
fulfilled by multiple packages (in this case the dependency being
'python'--specifically the Python used for Sage itself).  I have a
prototype at [1] but there are several things about it I'm unhappy
with, and I want to redo it on top of some even lower-level overhauls
I'm working on (e.g. [2]).

Point being, instead of `SAGE_PYTHON3=yes` one would select the Python
they want to use at `./configure` time.  `./configure` can be re-run
to change the Python version to use too.  This requires anything that
depends on python to be rebuilt which is still quite a bit, but not
*everything*.  This is not something one would normally do frequently,

I'm not sure what else you have in mind though....

> * using public/ugly_python3 and severl other tweaks, I have reached the
> point where the failure is a core-dumped. I am not able to debug that, so it
> would take somebody else to have a look. I can provide a branch on demand. I
> copy the failure at the end of this message.

I will take a look.  Should I just check out that branch...?


[1] https://trac.sagemath.org/ticket/23465
[2] https://trac.sagemath.org/ticket/21524

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