The core-dumped is supposed to be fixed by the pynac upgrading 
ticket . So it does not require any 
further work hopefuly.

Le lundi 7 août 2017 11:54:14 UTC+2, Erik Bray a écrit :
> Hi Frédéric, all, 
> Regarding 
> > * There remains to make a proper python3 install setup, in order to make 
> it 
> > easier to debug. Currently, "make" with "SAGE_PYTHON3=yes" always 
> rebuilds 
> > everything, which is *very annoying*. Happily, using only "sage -b" take 
> > much less time. For instance, an access to ipython3 inside a 
> python3-build 
> > sage would be helpful. 
> I'm working on a better solution to this as part of a more general 
> reworking of how Sage's dist handles dependencies that can be 
> fulfilled by multiple packages (in this case the dependency being 
> 'python'--specifically the Python used for Sage itself).  I have a 
> prototype at [1] but there are several things about it I'm unhappy 
> with, and I want to redo it on top of some even lower-level overhauls 
> I'm working on (e.g. [2]). 
> Point being, instead of `SAGE_PYTHON3=yes` one would select the Python 
> they want to use at `./configure` time.  `./configure` can be re-run 
> to change the Python version to use too.  This requires anything that 
> depends on python to be rebuilt which is still quite a bit, but not 
> *everything*.  This is not something one would normally do frequently, 
> however. 
> I'm not sure what else you have in mind though.... 
> > * using public/ugly_python3 and severl other tweaks, I have reached the 
> > point where the failure is a core-dumped. I am not able to debug that, 
> so it 
> > would take somebody else to have a look. I can provide a branch on 
> demand. I 
> > copy the failure at the end of this message. 
> I will take a look.  Should I just check out that branch...? 
> Thanks, 
> Erik 
> [1] 
> [2] 

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