Clearly Robert has found a bug in maxima. Here's a little test further to 
my earlier "puzzle":
If I write in sage as follows:

var('r12 r13 r23',domain='complex')
assume(r12>0, r13>0, r23>0)

#trace( "bool(-(r13^2*r23-r23^3)/((-r23^4)+2*r13^2*r23^2-r13^4+r12^4) == 
0)" )
bool(-(r13^2*r23-r23^3)/((-r23^4)+2*r13^2*r23^2-r13^4+r12^4) == 0)

then sage finishes without error! Instead, it returns "False".
Dropping into pydb, I recover the identical *statement* being shipped off 
to Maxima!
    450                     line = line[ind_semi+1:]
    451                 if statement:
5-> 452                     result = ((result + '\n') if result else '') + 
    453             else:
    454                 statement = line[:ind_dollar]

ipdb> p statement

This behavior is independent of whether the variables are declared 'real' 
or 'complex'. 
Conclusion: something else is going on in manifolds and/or in maxima. 

Robert, what version of maxima did you test?
 - Richard

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