On 13/04/2018 11:20, Francesco Biscani wrote:

1. This license applies to you only if you are a member of a noncommercial
    and academic institution, e.g., a university. The license expires as
    soon as you are no longer a member of this institution.

So basically these acedemics, I imagine funded with taxpayers' money, are
preventing the general public to use software they paid for?

Talk about ivory tower...

This is indeed a problem with PySCIPOpt. I don't think this is a bad
intention. My point of view is that they wanted to have a form of dual
licensing for making happy (paying) customers that in many situations do
not like open source. Not to prevent users to use it. Moritz might
infirm or confirm.

If the package appears to be useful (I think it is) we could ask
kindly to package PySCIPOpt under GPL or LGPL.

I know of at least the CGAL project where the distinction is made
cleaner [1]: they offer a GPL and a commercial version... and they *do*
have customers (enough for 8 salaries).


  [1] https://www.cgal.org/license.html

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