Maybe I just give my basic knowledge about SCIP and ZIB.

Le vendredi 13 avril 2018 11:20:25 UTC+2, bluescarni a écrit :
> http://scip.zib.de/academic.txt
> """
> 1. This license applies to you only if you are a member of a noncommercial 
>    and academic institution, e.g., a university. The license expires as
>    soon as you are no longer a member of this institution. 
> """
Perhaps including the very first sentence of the license would put a bit 
more context:

''This license for ZIB software is designed to guarantee freedom to share and 
change software for academic use, but restricting commercial firms
from exploiting your knowhow for their benefit.''

... this somehow reminds me of some long discussions I've seen pass by on 
sage-devel. Anyhow, the 
discussion here is about announcing that it would now be possible to use 
SCIP inside Sage. I think this is 
a good news. As far as I know, it has been possible to use other Ma's 
softwares inside Sage, and I don't 
see why it couldn't be the same with SCIP.

According to Gurobi, they are the best non-proprietary LP optimization 
package that you can get. [see p.17 of 

So basically these acedemics, I imagine funded with taxpayers' money, are 
> preventing the general public to use software they paid for?

As for ZIB, in 2016, it had almost 8M€ in third party funding, see 
If you go in the Research section, and you know that it is a German based 
institute, you may guest some companies that fund them.

That said, of course, the publish "Publish or Perish" has a role to play in 
the choice of license. But since I 
don't want to spend time rewriting an optimization package, I will gladly 
cite them and say  that I used their 

My 2 cents...


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