The licensing issue also makes installing more cumbersome, since you are 
supposed to open a browser and click around. 

This could possibly be improved by 
displaying the licensing information given and linked and the page directly in the 
terminal during installation process and letting the user input name, 
country and email right there (perhaps with meaningful defaults). 
Then a curl request like the following could be used 
`curl   -d tname='Your Name' -d email=your@email.address -d country='Mars' 
-d license=academic -d fname=scipoptsuite-5.0.1.tgz -L  -o 
where the entries for tname, email and country have to be replaced with the 
user's input. 

We definitely don't simply want to use a command like 


to put the file in the upstream directory, because the user needs to 
acknowledge and agree to the license. 

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