Dear Tiberiu,

Regarding your questions about my experience with representation theory and
> algebra i have been a part of some teams that are working with concept from
> this fields and i think i have a strong base. I do not know how deeply 
> immersed
> in this concepts you want me to be and i think the best idea for me and 
> this
> project as well is for us to have a discussion to better understand your 
> needs
> and also it will be a good opportunity for you to evaluate my knowledge of 
> the
> field. 
Some of the things that would be good to know going in are:

   - the definition of Lie (super)algebras,
   - linear algebra,
   - the universal enveloping algebra, 
   - (Z/2Z) graded algebras,
   - more linear algebra,
   - the basic Lie superalgebras,
   - definition of a Lie superalgebra representation,
   - even more linear algebra,
   - how the category framework in Sage works (not necessarily as 
   programmed, but how to utilize it),
   - abstract linear algebra.
However, things will in part depend on how well you convince me in your 
proposal that you have the requisite mathematical background and maturity 
to tackle this. Since this is primarily a coding program, I expect that a 
relatively small amount of time during the actual GSoC period is devoted to 
learning the necessary material.

> PS: I have send an request to tracker to start solving tickets but it has 
> not
> been approved.  What should i do?
> These things can take a little bit of time since it requires a human to 
approve it. If this has not been approved by, say, Friday, send me an 



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