I am Tiberiu Lepadatu, a second year student at the UPB, Romania. I have a 
interest in numerical methods and mathematics. My interest in mathematics  
derives form my interes in quantum computation. Right now i am doing a 
course in quantum computing. I am actively involved in numerical methods    
research and i love reading about what new things have been developed. I 
discovered your project by looking for a better alternative for Octave for  
research purposes. I have an interest in applied mathematics and i think 
that a   
tool for Lie superalgebra is imperative providing that the quantum field 
becoming to be the center of debate for the scientific comunity. I have 
looking through the sage code and i thing that i have a brod understanding 
how it works. I also started learning cython (i am quite good in c and 
python so  
this should not be something to hard). I think that an good implementation 
Lie super algebras will be an interesting topic to follow and i will be 
if you give me the chance to do it over the summer as part of gsoc. Last 
year I   
was working last year almost everyday for nautilus (gnome file manager, 
in C). Not as part GSOC but rather as a hobby. I feel like it is a quick    
language to develop in. Also giving my academic background i feel that i 
learn new things pretty fast.                                              
Kind regards,
Tiberiu Lepadatu 

PS: Sorry for the spelling errors, English is not 
my mother tongue and i am quite dyslexic.                                  

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