On Tue, 2 Jul 2019 at 21:08, Volker Braun <vbraun.n...@gmail.com> wrote:

> binaries are now on the way to the mirrors!

1. It looks like Debian 9 is missing?

2. Debian 10 "buster" is due for release in 3 days.
There is a Debian 10 buildbot worker at
sagebd10_64s02.aims.ac.za (18046)
Would it be possible to release a sage 8.8 Debian 10 binary?

3. Ubuntu 14.04 is End-of-Life since 30 April (except for paid ext^H^H^H
limited security maintenance).
I have removed the 14.04 buildbot workers, so from sage-8.9 there won't be
Ubuntu 14.04 binaries.

4. I'm thinking of dropping the i386 buildbot workers (debian and ubuntu).
Ubuntu almost dropped
32bit support recently, but after some pushback from the Steam (gaming) and
Wine 32bit (windows
compatibility layer on Linux) they reversed the decision. It will reduce
our 10 virtualised buildbot workers
running on 1 host to 5 only. We very regularly install Linux on fairly old
laptops for students from all over Africa.
We've not seen a 32bit laptop in 2019. Maybe 1 or 2 in 2018 and fewer than
3 in 2017!
I'd be interested in how many 32bit devices show up at
How many times were 32bit vs 64bit downloaded from the mirrors? Is this
info available?


  /V\     Jan Groenewald
 /( )\    www.aims.ac.za

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