Follow-up Comment #9, task #15348 (project administration):

To facilitate the process, I have also made the following changes to the

* added copyright and license notices to src/makefile
* added copyright and license notices to
* added copyright and license notices to tests/
* changed to README.txt and added copyright and license notices (GNU
All-Permissive License)
* deleted the file inside potentials directory, because wasn't sure about its
license (I've written to its author to see if it can be distributed with a
GPL-licensed software -- but it's not an essential part of the package)
* dedicated examples/*.c & examples/*.py & examples/in.lammps.argon to public
domain by including related notices

The two files examples/log.lammps.argon.lj and examples/log.lammps.argon.morse
are log files produced by the free software LAMMPS, when it processes the
input script file examples/in.lammps.argon. We have included them so that the
user can easily compare the results of our software with the output of the
famous LAMMPS.

Please see the updated tarball.



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