Follow-up Comment #16, task #15348 (project administration):

> Actually I'm paying great attention to the notices, thanks to what I've
learned from people like you. But README and the example files do not
constitute the main part of this project. It's very unlikely that one day we
face a dispute over who their exact copyright holders are

Lightning strikes are also very unlikely; however, in certain cases lightning
rods are mandatory, even though they don't always protect from lightning.

> (even if that happens the records in the git repository will settle that).

The records in the git repository typically don't contain the names of
copyright holders.  They record committers and authors (if the committer cares
to write them down), no copyright holders.  Also, the records of the
repository won't help at the point where the repository isn't available.

> I won't insist on using the phrase "The authors of FMD" in the notices of
those files, but it would look awkward if, for example, the names of 10 people
are listed in a short readme file because each of them added one paragraph or

If people made a small addition, copyright notices needn't mention them
<> ("In that
case, you should always include a copyright notice in the name of main
copyright holder of the file."); moreover, contributions of 5-6 lines are not
copyrightable at all.

> Two final remarks:
> 1. Despite my really great respect and debt to people who have worked on
GNU, I don't like the term GNU/Linux.

"GNU+Linux" will do; if your respect is so great, you could call it just

> I'm going to use phrases like "Operating Systems with Linux kernel"

Does your package really depend on Linux more than on GNU?  I guess, the users
would have less issues with running it on top of GNU/kFreeBSD or maybe even
GNU/Hurd than on top of Android, wouldn't they?

> 2. We may have more than one host for this project (2 hosts are enough). I
hope this isn't against your rules. The git repositories on all hosts will
always be up-to-date.

Yes, using additional external facilities is up to you.


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