Follow-up Comment #14, task #15348 (project administration):

> But if you are not familiar with the legal aspects enough, how can you
decide if the copyright notices in a package are "valid" or not?

The copyright notices should have the established form and list the right
years and copyright holders.  Of course, in most cases I hardly can tell who
is the real copyright holder of the files I wasn't involved in writing (as
opposed to the files I write myself).  However, this isn't essential.

What actually matters is whether the maintainers of the package basically
understand where these parts of copyright notices come from, and whether they
have a commitment to maintain the notices; so far, I'm getting an impression
you haven't.

> Some projects use...

It also doesn't matter what other people do.  You and me are not responsible
for their actions.

> And I see that even many GNU projects does NOT abide by all the things you
say. Just for an example, the files ChangeLog and THANKS of the latest gzip
torball doesn't have notices.

Thank you!  Please file a bug report against gzip and make sure the issue is


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