At 9:40 AM -0400 7/7/04, James Walden wrote:
>Dana Epp wrote:

>> Of course, I also think students should have to take at least one course in ASM to 
>> really understand how computer instructions work, so they can gain a foundation of 
>> learning for the heart of computer processing. And
>> I think they should be taught the powers and failures of C. Since I know many of 
>> you think I'm nuts for that, you might want to look at this outline with the same 
>> amount of consideration.
>I agree with you on both of those requirements.  You need to have a basic 
>understanding of assembly and how C is translated into assembly to understand the 
>most common types of buffer overflow attacks.  There are better languages for secure 
>programming than C, but students are almost certainly going to have to read or write 
>C at some point in their careers, so they need to understand it.

What is wrong with this picture ?

I see both of you willing to mandate the teaching of C and yet not
mandate the teaching of any of Ada, Pascal, PL/I etc.

This seems like the teaching of "making do".
Larry Kilgallen

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