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When I introduced the "bugs" and "flaws" nomenclature into the
literature, I did so in an article about the software security workshop
I chaired in 2003 (see http://www.cigital.com/ssw/).  This was
ultimately written up in an "On the Horizon" paper published by IEEE
Security & Privacy.

Nancy Mead and I queried the SWEBOK and looked around to see if the new
usage caused collision.  It did not.  The reason I think it is important
to distinguish the two ends of the rather slippery range (crispy is
right about that) is that software security as a field is not paying
enough attention to architecture.  By identifying flaws as a subcategory
of defects (according the the SWEBOK), we can focus some attention on
the problem.

>From the small glossary in "Software Security" (my new book out

Bug-A bug is an implementation-level software problem. Bugs may exist in
code but never be executed. Though the term bug is applied quite
by many software practitioners, I reserve use of the term to encompass
simple implementation errors. Bugs are implementation-level problems
can be easily discovered and remedied. See Chapter 1.

Flaw-A design-level or architectural software defect. High-level defects
cause 50% of software security problems. See Chapter 1.

In any case, I intend to still use these terms like this, and I would be
very pleased if you would all join me.


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