At 5:11 PM +0100 12/30/06, Florian Weimer wrote:

>> I gather you are saying that the innards of Unix will force creation
>> of an unwanted directory entry on the Ada implementation of the required
>> null name support for <packagename>.CREATE .  The Ada implementation
>> could rely on exclusive access to the file (surely Unix has that, right?)
> You can create files in a way that fails if the file already exists,
> using the O_EXCL flag.  (Rumors have it that this won't work reliably
> over NFS, though, but I don't see why.)
>> coupled with whatever Unix has that passes for the FAB$V_DLT bit to
>> delete the file on Close (such as at <insert Unix words for image rundown>).
> You can delete open files on Unix, so you could in theory unlink it
> after creation.
> But the whole discussion is moot because existing Ada code seems to
> require that temporary files have names. 8-/

The Ada language does not have such a requirement, and in fact has a
requirement that names are _not_ required for temporary files.

>> But these are problems that have been solved by those who provided the
>> Ada implementation (ACT and Aonix come to mind for Unix), and thus are
>> not an issue for the high level language programmer.
> AdaCore's implementation used mktemp and featured the usual race
> condition.

Yucko !!!
Larry Kilgallen
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