At 2:18 PM +0000 1/2/07, Peter Amey wrote:
> [snip]
>> Isn't the whole basis of Spark a matter of adding proof 
>> statements in the comments ?  I don't think the general 
>> compiler marketplace would go for that built-in to compilers. 
>>  After all:
>>      1. The Praxis implementation can be used with multiple compilers
>>      2. The compiler market is so immature that some people are still
>>         using C, C++ and Java.
>> But for the high-integrity market, Spark seems to fit the bill.
>> --
>> Larry Kilgallen
> We think so!  However, like everything else, it is how you use things
> that matter most.

How you use things may be an "essential" aspect, but so is the nature
of "things".  Achieving the same quality by toggling the machine code
into the front panel is only possible on a theoretical basis, and getting
the same results with a long strand of limp spaghetti is just impossible.
Larry Kilgallen
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