What are folks' experiences with software security training for
developers?  By this, I'm referring to teaching developers how to write
secure code.  Ex. things like how to actually code input validation
routines, what "evil" functions and libraries to avoid, how to handle
exceptions without divulging too much info, etc.  Not "how to hack
applications".  There are quality courses and training that show you how
to break into apps--which are great, but my concern is that if you are a
developer (vs. a security analyst, QA type, pen-tester, etc.),even when
you know what could happen, unless you've been specifically taught how
to implement these concepts  in your language/platform of choice (ASP
.NET, C#, Java, etc.), you're not getting the most bang for the buck
from them.

What vendors teach it?
How much does it cost?
Actual impact realized?


Chris McCown, GSEC(Gold)
Intel Corporation
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