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Note that, unlike ELRepo folks with whom one can communicate via the SL list (persons who even are willing to identify themselves, and not "hide" behind some Bugzilla-like interface), EPEL seems much more unwilling to discuss matters. Has an EPEL "maintainer" ever (recently) posted/replied to the SL liist? I fully understand that the ELRepo folks are (presumably) volunteers, and thus may have little real free time to address such issues; hence, one should not pester them, particularly from typical enthusiast "users". I suspect that EPEL persons in part may, as with CentOS, now be paid by Red Hat, but I do not know this for a fact. ...

EPEL is essentially Fedora on a project level; it's basically 'the Fedora packages that can be packaged for various RHEL-derived distributions packaged for those distributions.' It's also typically (but not always) the Fedora package maintainer maintaining the EPEL package, and it is most useful to contact that person directly. Bugzilla is the preferred means of contact, since it tracks the issues in a far more accessible (to the packager) way; no one is 'hiding' behind BZ, it's just the preferred way to get issues reported, tracked, and addressed. Discussion of the base packages would likely be on the fedora-devel list, since EPEL is something of a Fedora thing. Smooge, please feel free to correct my inaccuracies there, since you are connected directly to that and I am not.

On this point, a question.  I have been told (but not verified as a fact) that 
the Ubuntu equivalent to the main SL repository contains (all?) packages that 
one must, for any EL family distro, find on the master (SL, CentOS, etc.) 
repository and then hunt ELRepo, EPEL, and for some items, NUX and others (in 
which case I only enable software sources such as NUX during the actual 
installation of an RPM
package that only is available in source or on  such a repository).

This is partially true. The Ubuntu repos, thanks to the Debian parentage and repos, are vast and include a lot of packages. However, even in Ubuntu-land one must eventually use a personal repo, known as a 'PPA.' PPAs are where things get hairy really quickly with Ubuntu since the quality of dependencies and the resolution of same varies wildly between different PPAs. This is one of the basic differences between the Ubuntu and the RHEL-derived (and related, such as Fedora) ecosystems. There are many more.

Off-topic note on something else you said: US Southeast dialect does indeed differentiate between second person singular personal pronouns and second person plural personal pronouns. Since 'thou' (while very correct and still used in certain theological and formal circles) is fallen from common use, the US Southeast dialect generally always addresses a singular second person as 'you' and plural second persons as y'all or you'n's (that last one is most commonly pronounced as the single syllable 'yunz' and is common in the Appalachian highlands; it is a contraction of 'you ones,' thus the 'nz' ending. Y'all is of course the contraction of 'you all' and is more of a Piedmont and coastal thing). The dual number use of 'you' is more confusing than helpful, when differentiating between singular and plural in the second person really is required, and the US Southeast dialect resolves the ambiguity in a creative, distinctive, and perhaps even a 'charming' way.

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