[Chat] A safe bike route from CV to Baltimore City College HS?

2010-06-23 Thread macnmum
I'm still a newbie here and my 17 year old son is coming back soon from a year abroad. He'll be taking a course at Baltimore City College HS this summer and wants to bike there. I'm pretty sure a direct route wouldn't be advisable, but I'm wondering if anyone who's more familiar with

Re: [Chat] Chat Digest, Vol 86, Issue 6

2010-08-16 Thread macnmum
Judy: There are lots of things you can do with your excess peaches to use them later in the year, but preserving them in their natural state isn't one of them. As someone else answered, the cell structure won't hold up to home freezing. But somethings you can do: Peel and slice them and freeze

[Chat] in search of some recommendations, please

2010-08-19 Thread macnmum
My son and I are fairly new to the area (moved in last Dec.) and are finally getting around to seeking out some necessary services. We'd really appreciate any recommendations for: A family doctor ...preferably in the neighborhood? A local dentist Good place for my teenage son to get a haircut

[Chat] Need some carpentry, minor drywall work done.

2011-01-25 Thread macnmum
Hi: At the tail end of my epic kitchen renovation, my general contractor, carpenter and cabinet maker all appear to have abandoned the job. Fortunately, I have a backup cabinetmaker. But I really need to find someone quickly to do a few last things that prevent me from getting final inspection

[Chat] Ikea kitchens

2011-07-07 Thread macnmum
Christina: You can get lots of great info on Ikea kitchens on this site: http://ths.gardenweb.com/forums/kitchbath/ Many folks have done Ikea kitchens top to bottom, but many have also used Ikea parts: Cabinet carcasses, with doors and drawers purchased elsewhere (Scherr's is a popular

[Chat] recommendations for someone to clean my home?

2011-07-08 Thread macnmum
Now that a torturously long renovation is finally (mostly) done, I'm eager to find someone reliable for homecleaning every two weeks or so. I'd probably prefer an individual, but will go with a service, if need be. Anyone got a housecleaner that they think does a great job and has time open to

[Chat] still looking for someone good to clean my home...maybe I'm expecting too much?

2011-11-16 Thread macnmum
Hoping I can get some new suggestions for someone to clean my home on Calvert St. But also some feedback. I've been here about 2 years now and had two different , highly recommended folks, cleaning my home...each did it for a period of several months. But I really haven't been happy with either

[Chat] advice on mattress

2011-11-28 Thread macnmum
Hey Dawna: I have had a Tempur-Pedic for 15-16 years now. I have a touchy back and I adore it. I will say that it is supposed to have a 17-year warranty and am finding that mine probably needs replacing now. But, I'm quite heavy and that would stress any mattress unduly. I also recently

[Chat] Need to divide my irises...anyone want some?

2012-05-27 Thread macnmum
They are gorgeous big, ruffley blue, purple and white and blue and white varities...unfortunately I have long since lost the names and can't even tell you which one you'll be getting. But I guarantee they are beautiful! Melissa ___ Chat mailing list

Re: [Chat] Schnappe shop- CV impoverished

2012-06-26 Thread macnmum
Looks to me as if whoever wrote the story about the liquor stores being in poor neighborhoods needs a lesson in grammar more than a lesson in socio-economics. The author probably meant located predominantly in poor neighborhoods rather than located in predominantly poor neighborhoods. Oh the

[Chat] Thanks for handyman suggestions....and a suggestion for cleaners to offer!

2013-07-31 Thread macnmum
I'm in need of a handyman as well (who, living in these old houses, is not?), so I really appreciated the suggestions offered. It has prompted me to offer up a suggestion others may welcome. I finally found a house cleaner/cleaning service I like and can recommend! Jenny's Quality

[Chat] T Mobile

2014-07-24 Thread macnmum
Emil, et al. I recently made the switch from Verizon to T Mobile and regret it. Yes, it's cheaper than Verizon (though for the amount of data and phones my son and I use, not by that much). The service is simply nowhere near as comprehensive as Verizon's and the signals aren't as strong. I

[Chat] Extending less costly gas supplies through BGE door-to door visitors?????

2014-08-10 Thread macnmum
This weekend, I was visited by a man who said he was with the company that supplied my gas via BGE, and wanted to offer me the option to extend my contract at the lower prices which I had been receiving and were about to run out. This sounded off to me and when I asked some questions I couldn't

[Chat] Recommendations for someone to work on terra cotta tile roof?

2014-11-02 Thread macnmum
I've got one of those houses on Calvert St. with a bit of terra cotta tile on the front roof. Some of the tiles are cracked and need repairing or replacing and I haven't a clue about who to call. Would appreciate any referrals/suggestions you can offer. Thanks, Melissa

[Chat] Can someone help find this fabulous young man housing?

2015-09-13 Thread macnmum
Hi all: I've recently sold my home in the 2600 block of Calvert St. and the young man who has been house-sitting for me while I was traveling for the last several months now needs to find someplace else to live while he completes his MS in biotechnology. He's mature (27), polite, *incredibly*

[Chat] For sale: wood pellets for stove

2015-09-21 Thread macnmum
Anyone in the neighborhood with a pellet stove? I have one ton of bagged top-quality wood pellets for sale before i move . Make me an me an offer! Email me at macn...@gmail.com ___ Chat mailing list Chat@charlesvillage.info