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2011-11-15 Thread Benjamin Chartier

You might try to find CSW endpoints using an internet search engine.
Try this in Google:
inurl:service=csw +inurl:request=getcapabilities


Le 15/11/2011 13:34, James Reid a écrit :
Can anyone point me at a current list of active CSW endpoints or know 
where such a thing might be found?

thanka in advance

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Re: [OSGeo-Discuss] New OSGeo design

2011-11-02 Thread Benjamin Chartier

Le 01/11/2011 13:19, Jo Cook a écrit :
Responding to Arnulf's tweet about the new site design 

Hi all,

I do like the general appearance. It’s really a big improvement.

Some suggestions:
-I don’t like the round corners of the boxes. I would prefer square 
-Some boxes have shadows and some don’t. I would prefer no shadows 
at all.
-The footer of the home page is much too big. I prefer the footer of 
the other pages because of the color of the text and its small height.
-Too many menus around the main content part of the page: the left 
hand side menu, the “about us, participate…” menu and the “tools to use, 
foundations to build on…” menu. I would prefer something simpler. I’m 
not sure we need these links on all pages. My suggestion: have a link to 
the home page, the search tool and a reminder of where we currently are 
(like osgeo  tools to use  find software).
-The languages links should be present on all pages. This list of 
languages may grow in the future. Keeping it a single line may be 
difficult. Would it be possible to use a drop down list instead of a 
line of links?
-The content and title of the home page boxes is quite confusing. 
What about having the following sections: OSGeo Foundation, Community 
and Projects?

-A place for news is missing.


Benjamin Chartier
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Re: [OSGeo-Discuss] Demo WMS server

2010-05-12 Thread Benjamin Chartier
I don't have any demo server to offer. But this application may help you 
to find WMS services:


Le 11/05/2010 17:40, Jochen Topf a écrit :

I am just working on a piece of Open Source software that can access WMS
servers. I'd like to have some kind of demo server that could be configured
in the software by default so that people have a working configuration
directly after install which makes it easier for them to get going. The
server doesn't have to do much, just deliver a simple world map or so.

I looked around a bit for suitable demo servers, but didn't find any. It
should be something with a reasonable chance that it will be around for a

I could imagine that other people have the same problem. How about having
such a WMS server on a OSGeo host somewhere? I don't expect a huge amount
of load on such a server, its just for demo and not for actual use, really.

What do you think about this? I don't have access to any OSGeo hosts, but
would be willing to help with the setup.


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Re: Fwd: [OSGeo-Discuss] Mind Map - Open Source Spatial Projects

2009-10-12 Thread Benjamin Chartier

I use XMind (open source software).


Benjamin Chartier

Tyler Mitchell (OSGeo) a écrit :

Looks like it says it's 0.8.1 Freemind map version. I've looked a bit at
other clients but they are usually involving a conversion step. e.g. you can
do mm format into S5 presentation format and a few others. I'd like a more
dynamic 'flowing' viewer for presentations - any hints and I'd like to hear
them too.

original message-

From: Bob Basques
To: OSGeo Discussions
Date: Mon, 12 Oct 2009 23:16:25 -0500


Yeah I got that to work, but was wondering if there were other client 
that could read it.

I use a similar (pay for) application called Inspiration that allows for 
building of similar diagrams. I thought it might open the MM file, but 
no go.

Nice file BTW.


Bruce Bannerman wrote:


What's the best Client for this MM stuff? A little research
on it reveals there are more than one version of the file
format as well as more than one version of client, and not
all clients read all formats . . .

The format is Freemind mind mapping software.

As per my original post:

Details are at:

I've received a few emails advising me that some people's email 
clients have hidden the above URL.

Two suggestions to get around this:

- view the email source

- go to the OSGeo Wiki and search for 'User:Bruce.bannerman'. You will 
find the details there.



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Re: [OSGeo-Discuss] what about ?

2009-09-28 Thread Benjamin Chartier

Thank you Cédric for promoting this web application.

Since I'm the author of OWS Search Engine, I would like to clarify what 
it is: just a GUI for Yahoo! Search BOSS specialised in finding OGC web 
services; not a catalogue of WMS services. was rather a 

By the way, I would love to develop a catalogue of geospatial services...


Benjamin Chartier

Cédric Moullet a écrit :

something equivalent:

On Mon, Sep 28, 2009 at 7:23 PM, pere roca ristol wrote:

  hi all,
  there was a nice site ( that
I enjoyed very much because you could do thematic searches of
avaible WMS, getting back a RSS feed that can be parsed and so on.
  the site has disappeared and I wonder if someone knows something
or similar sites... I just know the list below, but they don't
provide RSS.


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Re: [OSGeo-Discuss] what about ?

2009-09-28 Thread Benjamin Chartier

Good news.
Feel free to contact me directly if you want more details about OWS 
Search Engine.


Tim Schaub a écrit :


pere roca ristol wrote:

  hi all,
  there was a nice site ( that I 
enjoyed very much because you could do thematic searches of avaible 
WMS, getting back a RSS feed that can be parsed and so on.
  the site has disappeared and I wonder if someone knows something or 
similar sites... I just know the list below, but they don't provide RSS.

I put together a few years ago.  It was running on a 
pretty outdated setup, and the hosting company I used went out of 
business, so I let it come to an end.

I've started on an updated replacement.  I kept all the catalog entries 
and will populate the new service with these when I get it running.

I'll also take a look at (I'm not 
getting any response right now).  My current work is also an appengine 
solution - so perhaps there is room for collaboration.

I'll post here when I have something interesting to look at.



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Re: [OSGeo-Discuss] Next 5 years for OSGeo

2009-09-15 Thread Benjamin Chartier

Incorporating OGC and ISO standards: +1
Involvement in European projects: +1

What about a stronger involvment in the OGC standardisation process?


Benjamin Chartier

Rafal Wawer a écrit :

Analitic functions +1
cartography  +1

Incorporating OGC and ISO standards, especially in the server/client domain to assure techncial interoperability. 
Upcoming implementation of SEIS and INSPIRE is a good chance to increase the share of FOSS4G on the European market. SEIS is defined officialy so far only with the communication of the EC (COM(2008) 46 final), but already in the communicaiton it is stated .. information sharing and processing should be supported through common, free opensource software tools..  OGC WPS and sensor-related standards will certainly play a key role in SEIS setups, although there are already voices that those approved standards do not provide optimal solution from the techncial point of view, nevertheless now they are seen as foundations of the technical interoperability of systems and services.

More mature setup programs - I refer to the OSGEo4W and stand alone Qgis 
installer, where at the beginning of the release in July you need to perform 
silly tricks to be able to use GRASS plugin within QGIS. Good 10% of my gray 
hair come from going around the problems arising from the failure setups during 
the hands-on sessions of summer course on FOSS4G this year. (-;

Other OSGEO initiatives:
Geodata  - certainly a good forum for discussions on the implementation of INSPIRE and availability of free data in Europe. 

Journal - it would be wonderfull if the Journal would became a regular 
scientific print. I am afraid, withour regular issueing and fast editorial 
scheme we won't attract interesting papers and hence journal will not get any 
IF I think we need a clear strategy for the Journal for the upcoming years.

What about OSGEO's involvement in European projects? 


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Sent: 15 September 2009 06:16
To: OSGeo Discussions
Subject: Re: [OSGeo-Discuss] Next 5 years for OSGeo

Libraries and tools that can be used across different OSGEO apps.

data format libraries - done!

algorithm/analytic libraries = +1 . GRASS has an extensive collection.
 Would be good for other OSGEO projects to reuse them.

cartographic libraries = +1

On Tue, Sep 15, 2009 at 11:47 AM, Helena Mitasova 

On Sep 14, 2009, at 11:40 PM, Howard Butler wrote:

On Sep 14, 2009, at 4:01 PM, Tyler Mitchell (OSGeo) wrote:

Hi everyone, a recent chat I was asked about our vision for OSGeo 
over the next 3 and 5 years.  I'd really like to hear thoughts on 
the matter and pool a few of the ideas together for further 
discussions amongst committees, projects, chapters and the board.

It's also a good way for the board nominees in the upcoming election 
to get a sense of where other members are thinking these days.

My measurement of success for OSGeo and priorities I hope it shares 
in the next 3-5 years are the following three items:
- Continued expansion of the local chapters.  Local chapters make 
OSGeo real in the sense that mailing lists, websites, and an IRC channel can't.
- The conference continues uninterrupted for the next five years, and 
we start to use it our central fundraising piece.
- Cross-project collaboration, like the journal, osgeo4w, metacrs, 
benchmarking, system administration, and geodata continues to be 
fostered by us.  From my biased developer's perspective, these have 
been OSGeo's biggest accomplishments along with the local chapter 
development and consolidation of the conference.

+1 on these, including OSGeo Edu efforts as another example of
 cross-project collaboration


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Re: [OSGeo-Discuss] RE: [Majas-dev] [Majas-users] Flex in geomajas

2009-02-25 Thread Benjamin Chartier

You may get in touch with the OpenScales project team in order to get
additional feedback:
OpenScales is a very new project aiming at building with Flex something
similar to OpenLayers.


Benjamin Chartier

Dirk Frigne a écrit :

  Sorry for the cross posting, but I found an interesting mail about
performance and webmapping in the majas developers list.

Today, Geomajas is written in Java for the server part, and uses _javascript_
in the frontend.
Although the performance is good enough to support a proper amount of
editable objects, we always are looking to mechanisms to improve the speed
and usability of the front end.

Pieter has done some tests with the Flex technology and they are very
promising(details in his mail attached).
Should it be a problem for distribution that the technology is shipped in
the form of an installable plug-in instead of native browser technology such
as VML or SVG, or isn't that an issue?

And who has experience with this technology?

I would appreciate your feedback ...

Dirk Frigne 

-Oorspronkelijk bericht-

Namens Aurélien Pelletier
Verzonden: maandag 23 februari 2009 11:04
CC: majas-users;; majas-dev
Onderwerp: Re: [Majas-dev] [Majas-users] Flex in geomajas

I work with client in the french public sector, additional plugin to the
navigator like flash is usualy an issue.

About mapping and flex you might want to check out



Pieter De Graef wrote:


i've been running tests on using Flex as a mapping technology for
geomajas. The first results seem very promising: it is very fast and
relatively easy to program for. Besides, Flex (or flash) has a market
penetration of over 90% (flash 9 that is).
The downside is that the bridge between _javascript_ and Flex'
ActionScript is slow. So we should avoid sending large datastreams
(large amount of features) over it.

Anyway, the main question it wanted to ask on this list, is this:
how commited is everyone to browser built-in technologies (such as VML
in Internet explorer or SVG in FireFox)?

We could for example simply throw out both VML and SVG, and replace them
both with flex, but i am afraid that many companies' IT sections will
object to geomajas requiring a plugin to work...

Any thoughts?


Pieter De Graef

GeoSparc nv.

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