Re: Help requested: Support for basic Org mode support in tools outside of Emacs

2021-08-07 Thread Sébastien Rey-Coyrehourcq
Hi there, Thanks for this opportunity, I also made recent research on this (, and Bastien update the  corresponding org parser page : Best regards, Le 03/08/2021 à

Re: [ANN] icsorg - node script to import events into org

2021-08-07 Thread Eric S Fraga
This looks very nice. It would be good if a link and short description (e.g. your email contents) were added to the page you cite on Worg. -- : Eric S Fraga via Emacs 28.0.50, Org release_9.4.6-607-g185706 : Latest paper written in org:

Re: ConTeXt exporter for Org Mode

2021-08-07 Thread Axel Kielhorn
> Am 06.08.2021 um 17:04 schrieb Jason Ross : > > > - I couldn’t find a way to change the paper size. > >There is > > ;; US letter paper > > ("paper-letter" . "\\setuppapersize[letter]") > >in the code, but it doesn’t appear in the output, and I prefer the > > a-sizes

Re: bug processing non emacs-lisp blocks

2021-08-07 Thread Nicolas Goaziou
Hello, dmg writes: > org-babel-load-file will try to tangle any source block that contains > the substring emacs-lisp or elisp in their language. > > For example, the following code block will be tangled: > > #+begin_src emacs-lispDONOT > (use-package "org-sidebar") > #+end_src > > the

Re: citations: rx problems with emacs-26.3

2021-08-07 Thread Nicolas Goaziou
Hello, Maxim Nikulin writes: > I think citation support is a great feature. (Sorry, I do not work > with references now, so I can tell nothing concerning implementation > for org.) > > It seems, rx e.g. in emacs-26.3 does not support all features used in > oc.el and oc-csl.el. Loading an org

Re: [PATCH] ox.el: fix spanish translation for `footnotes'

2021-08-07 Thread Nicolas Goaziou
Hello, Juan Manuel Macías writes: > The Spanish translation for "Footnotes" in `org-export-dictionary' is > "Nota al pie de página" ("Nota"[="Note"], in the singular form). I think > it would be more correct "Notas", in the plural form. Attached a small > patch. Applied. Thank you. Regards,

Re: org-cite and pandoc

2021-08-07 Thread Nicolas Goaziou
Hello, Eric S Fraga writes: > By the way, ox-md also fails if there is a #+bibliography > line. Removing it allows for the export. Very strange. Would you have an ECM? I cannot reproduce it. Regards, -- Nicolas Goaziou

Re: Bug: invalid example for org-export-define-backend's :menu-entry argument [9.4.4 (release_9.4.4 @ /usr/local/share/emacs/28.0.50/lisp/org/)]

2021-08-07 Thread Nicolas Goaziou
Hello, Zachary Kanfer writes: > Ox.el contains the function org-export-define-backend. One of its > keyword arguments is :menu-entry. The examples given include > ( > > '(?l "Export to LaTeX" > (?p "As PDF file"

Re: Org-cite follow function for ebib

2021-08-07 Thread Thomas S. Dye
Aloha Joost, Following some pointers from Eric and Bruce I have this in my configuration and it seems to work fine, though I haven't had a chance to use it very much. ;; Citations (defun tsd/choose-file (candidates) (interactive) (org-completing-read "Choose file: " candidates))

Re: Org-cite follow function for ebib

2021-08-07 Thread Joost Kremers
On Fri, Aug 06 2021, Thomas S. Dye wrote: > Yes, I have set the basic follow processor and org-open-at-point takes > me to the .bib file at the entry for the key at point. Unfortunately, I haven't had the time yet to update Ebib for the new functionality. Ebib needs to implement a follow