[-empyre-] AnthropoDecentering and the Hack of the Human Germline

2013-09-23 Thread Adam Zaretsky
--empyre- soft-skinned space--Last of Four on Designer Baby ethics and aesthetics Looking forward to hearing the wrap up week. The two biopolitical animal studies letters I posted above are meant to contrast the very anthropocentric issues of the FDA GM babies

[-empyre-] Does Cloned Animal Safety take into account the effect of Aesthetics on the long-term Ecological effects of Food Chain Design?, Eye of the Storm, Arts Catalyst, Tate Museum, London UK, 2009

2013-09-22 Thread Adam Zaretsky
--empyre- soft-skinned space--Adam Zaretsky Submitted a Response to the United States Food and Drug Administration call for comments on the Use of Edible Products from Animal Clones or their Progeny for Human Food or Animal Feed as follows: http://www.fda.gov/ohrms

[-empyre-] Animal Interlude, Letter to Alba Guestbook, 2001

2013-09-22 Thread Adam Zaretsky
transparent or forthcoming When you review the modern breeding procedures That went into the formation of Alba? They surely did cause some harm. Signing out until next time, A difficult fan, Adam Zaretsky Research Affiliate, MFA Arnold Demain Fermentation and Industrial Microbiology Laboratory

[-empyre-] Living Experiments

2013-09-18 Thread Adam Zaretsky
--empyre- soft-skinned space--Hacking the Human Genome Lets take a moment to think about the changes in relationships between ethics and aesthetics in terms of inborn (bred) cultural design of the human form, consciousness, duration and sensual range. I mean, as we

[-empyre-] Living Experiments

2013-09-18 Thread Adam Zaretsky
--empyre- soft-skinned space--Ethics and Aesthetics Relations in terms of Genetically Modified Human biopolitics The formal judgment of production scores for newborn chicks in the linked PDF (below) might have some play here... If applied to human flesh based art

[-empyre-] Redistributing the material world¹s diverse accents

2013-09-16 Thread Adam Zaretsky
--empyre- soft-skinned space--This is a response to Chris Robbins: I am answering a request for Œmore definitive notion of art goals.¹ Beyond what I had said about bioart offering a reading of science and art in the difficult land of luxurious, useless, process based,

[-empyre-] Stillborn Arts

2013-09-11 Thread Adam Zaretsky
--empyre- soft-skinned space-- Oron Rich Lynn Tyler and Empyre Listies These arts are meant to confuse relations between hardened categories. Rich and Oron you are both doing that very well in two very different rhetorical styles! Experimental life spaces support

[-empyre-] First Postings

2013-09-04 Thread Adam Zaretsky
--empyre- soft-skinned space-- Thanks Adam N. for having a mind meld on these topics. Good crew! Off the top, Bioart is living-materials-first in my addled brain. No offense to the object oriented animism of listmania but tinkers and tailors of life feel the experience